Demi van Eeten
Photography, Design and Art           
National Geographic

Research based on scrapped animal pictures from the National Geographic galleries.

*Originally presented as a slideshow.

Double E

Logo based on my last name ‘van Eeten’.

‘I Save Sex’ 

#09 - I Save Sex (academieproject)

Exhibited by* I Save Sex is a collaboration between GGD Haaglanden, Hiv Vereniging Regio Haaglanden and various art academies in the Netherlands and Belgium.

March, 2016

A True History Full
of Romance

Riso printed book, A True History Full of Romance. I have designed the layout/ create my own version of this important study about ethnically mixed marriages in the Netherlands of the 1883-1955 period offers a compelling overview on the nature and experience of ethnicity from a wide range of scholarly perspectives.

Based on the original book